MBA Mock Test

MBA Free Online Practice Test for enhancing your exam preparation and score maximum marks. Here you can practice with the following sample questions.


#1 Ranked on the basis of five-year return, which company heads the list in terms of maximum return to shareholders, with a return of 1133 per cent ?

Not the right choice

#2 `Promise` tooth paste is brand of ?

#3 The brand `Park Avenue` of cosmetic is produced by ?

#4 A bill of exchange is a document :

#5 Which ad-agency is handling Wills “Mode for Each other” ad-campaign ?

#6 Which among the following show stock market position of India ? (i) National Index (ii) Sensex (iii) NIFTI (iv) CRISIL 500 Choose the answer from the following choices :

#7 `Mayur` brand name of suiting and shirting is owned by

#8 Profession is much more than a

#9 Which of the following is not correctly paired ?

#10 Hindustan Lever and Tatas are tying up to make a huge infrastructure project. Where is this project to be set up ?

#11 What is a gilt-edged stock ?

#12 Meg Whitman, who recently won the title of the Most Powerful Business Woman is the CEO of the following which companies ?

#13 Which country has got the lowest credit rating by the international credit rating agency, S&P ?

#14 Renowned comedian, Paresh Rawal is the brand ambassador of which mobile service provider ?

#15 The irresponsible legislator threw out ……. at the minister and was ……. for libel.

#16 The waiter hasn’t brought the coffee …….. I’ve been here an hour already.

#17 Each school has its own set of rules…..all good pupils should follow them

#18 As per Census 2001, which one among the following states has the largest population

#19 India is the largest world producer of

#20 The Gateway Internet Access Services (GIAS) of India is situated in

#21 Which of the following industrial towns is located on the Chhota Nagpur Plateau?

#22 What is not the effect of the inequalities of income ?

#23 Glucose and isomers are

#24 For the conduct of fair and impartial election, which Article of the constitution provides for an independent body in the form of Election Commission ?

#25 Kumarasambhava, an epic poem, was composed by



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