Sainik IX Mock Test

Sainik school Free Online Practice Test for enhancing your exam preparation and score maximum marks. Here you can practice with the following sample questions.

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Question #1: Two positive numbers are in the ratio of 3 : 5. If they differ by 18, then the numbers are –

Question #2: A bag contains 8 black balls, 10 red balls and 12 blue balls. A ball is drawn from the bag without looking into the bag. The probability of getting neither a blue ball nor a black ball is-

Question #3: The smallest number by which 72 must be multiplied so as to get a perfect cube is

Question #4: The simple interest for Rs. 9580.00 at 2.5% per annum for four years is-

Question #5: The value of (0.3)3

Question #6: A rectilinear figure is called closed when,

Question #7: Which of the following number is a perfect cube?

Question #8: After allowing a discount of 12% on the market price of an article, it is sold for ₹880. Find its market price.

Question #9: The quantity of milk in liters that can be stored in a cube with side 10 cm is-

Question #10: Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives the square root of 1000000 is

Question #11: In a flame the un-burnt carbon particles are present in the

Question #12: Choose correct option The Non-metal which is highly reactive and stored under water is

Question #13: Choose correct option Nitrogen fixation can be done by

Question #14: Choose correct option Greenhouse gases are

Question #15: The most common carrier of communicable diseases is

Question #16: Unwanted sound is called as

Question #17: The next nearest star to earth other than the Sun is

Question #18: The only non-metal which is liquid in state at room temperature is

Question #19: A cubical wooden block has the dimension 30 cm × 20 cm × 10 cm placed on a flat surface. In which of the following cases the pressure applied is maximum? When it is placed on surface area?

Question #20: When disease carrying microbe enters our body the body produces-

Question #21: Find ANTONYM to the following word: Graceful

Question #22: Encircle A, B, C or D for correct spelling

Question #23: Find SYNONYM to the following word: Victory

Question #24: Out of the given alternative choose the correct word which is very close to the definition. A person who loves mankind.

Question #25: Shyam died……………fever.

Entrance Exam Cd's

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