UGC NET Mock Test

UGC NET Free Online Practice Test for enhancing your exam preparation and score maximum marks. Here you can practice with the following sample questions.


Question #1: Current Ratio 2.5, Liquid Ratio 1.5 and Working Capital ₹ 60,000. What is Current Assets?

Question #2: X, Y, Z are sharing profits in the ratio of 6: 5: 3. A is admitted into partnership for 1/8th share. The sacrificing ratio of X, Y and Z is

Question #3: The inverse relationship between variations in the price and quantity demanded is not due to

Question #4: To show the trend for a variable, which one of the presentation method is used?

Question #5: Marketing strategy development is also known as

Question #6: Dividend capitalization model was developed by

Question #7: Which of the following is not the agency of World Bank?

Question #8: National Horticulture Mission was launched in

Question #9: What is limit for SSI investment?

Question #10: Quick ratio is known as

Question #11: A consumer’s demand curve can be obtained from

Question #12: A decision maker has to remember the proverb, “a bird in-hand is worth two in the bush”, while he examines

Question #13: Direct personal investigation is a method of

Question #14: If the correlation coefficient is 0.7 then what is the coefficient of determination?

Question #15: Personal selling is a part of

Question #16: The Special Economic Zones Policy supported by the

Question #17: Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 was announced by

Question #18: ‘Crawling Peg System’ means

Question #19: What is the underlying concept that supports the immediate recognition of an estimated loss?

Question #20: Section 2(7) includes

Question #21: Tax planning is related to

Question #22: Wage is calculated by

Question #23: According to Herzberg theory of motivation, absence of motivational factors causes

Question #24: Interim cash inflows are reinvested at a rate of return equal to the internal rate of return is the built-in-mechanism for

Question #25: Which one is not a major component of holistic marketing?


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